Bachelor of Vocational Education

This research degree program is only available to vocational education practitioners who possess an existing qualification (in their country) and at least 5 years’ quality experience in vocational education

  • Bachelor of Vocational Education
  • Bachelor of Education (International Vocational Education)
  • Doctor of Education (EdD) (Vocational Education)


Australian applicants must possess a diploma of vocational education and at least 3 years’ experience or a Certificate IV in training and Assessment with 5 years’ experience. Students from other countries must meet the countries requirements to be certified as a vocational education trainer and / or assessor.

Research Project

Each applicant will be required to undertake a research project (Selection of subjects provided at enrolment) demonstrating their ability to undertake quality research in vocational education.

Students completing the international vocational education stream will be required to compare vocational education systems in two countries (their own compared to another country as negotiated with the university)

EdD Students will be required to write a thesis (on a vocational education topic as submitted by the applicant and approved by the faculty)

Final Assessment

Students liaise with their nominated assessor / mentor in relation to final assessment methodology which can either be a thesis or workplace observation (refer to student handbook for details)

Course Duration

As there are no set classes or timetables students can study in their own time at their own pace it is expected that students will complete the program in 1 to 3 years.

No penalties apply if students take up to 5 years.

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