Bachelor of Financial Services

A degree in financial services can enhance your qualifications and experience and place you at the forefront of an executive team, financial services is a diverse area encompassing many fields, including providing financial advice or dealing room operations.

  • Bachelor of Financial Services


Core Units

There are eight (8) Core units followed by the required Electives contextualised to your selected major.

Analyse financial markets and information

Apply principles of professional practice to work in the financial services industry

Assess risks

Conduct work within a compliance framework

Elective Units –Financial Services

(Must complete any 8)

Provide advice in the regulated emissions market

Provide advice in foreign exchange

Provide advice in managed investments

Provide advice in derivatives

Provide advice in securities

Manage premium customer relationships

Determine client requirements and expectations

Record and implement client instructions

Analyse financial market products for client

Advise clients on financial risk

Apply knowledge of emissions markets

Provide appropriate services, advice and products to clients

Provide appropriate and timely information and advice to clients

Conduct product research to support recommendations

Reconcile financial transactions

Complete confirmation and settlement processes

Detect errors and fraud when processing financial transactions

Analyse risk mitigation in the operation process

Monitor and process collateral

Price financial transactions

Hedge financial products

Process transaction documentation

Prepare trading strategies for clients

Apply limits when trading

Final Assessment

Students liaise with their nominated assessor / mentor in relation to final assessment methodology which can either be a thesis or workplace observation (refer to student handbook for details)

Course Duration

As there are no set classes or timetables students can study in their own time at their own pace it is expected that students will complete the program in 1 to 3 years.

No penalties apply if students take up to 5 years.

Earn a dual qualification

Students can earn an Australian Nationally Recognised Qualification (at no additional cost), care must be taken when selecting electives to meet the Diploma requirements, please contact our administration staff for advice, or refer to the student handbook.

FNS51015 – Diploma of Financial Markets


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